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 Board Members:

President: Michael Solomon sollaw@aol.com
Vice President: Michael Eschmann mkeschmann@comcast.net
Secretary: Lois Grayden lgrayden@comcast.net
Treasurer: Dave Lyon duckeylyon@aol.com
Director: Jim Boback jboback@msn.com
Director: Dave Maki cmaki2541@aol.com
Director: Fritz Anderson Fritzanderson@hotmail.com

Meeting Minutes @

Meeting Minutes Page

Social Committee:

Social Chair: Merlynn Boback mboback1@gmail.com
Social Chair: Fran Showerman steveandfranshowerman@yahoo.com
Committee Member: Carolyn Maki cmaki2541@aol.com
Committee Member: Nancy D'Angelo  
Committee Member: Sylvia Hernandez  

Grounds Committee:

Grounds Chair:  TBA  
Committee Member - Pool: Bill Grayden lgrayden@comcast.net
Committee Member - Tennis: Robert McCormick (requires Top Secret clearance)
Committee Member - AdHoc: Eddie Maimo duckyraker1@cs.com

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All property owners and long-term renters in the Islands of Duck Key are eligible for membership. If you would like more information about Club Duck Key or would like to have a tour, please contact any of the board members listed above. Click on the Calendar of Events to view the social calendar for Spring 2015. Please join us for one of our events and meet our members!