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Club's By-Laws-2012
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Pool Rules
Tennis Court Rules

General Rules: (The Club and its facilities are for the exclusive use of its members and their house guests. Should a complaint be made as to the status of a house guest, such status shall be determined by a majority of the Board. Adopted March 2008)

  • Treat the clubhouse as you would your own home.

  • After use of the clubhouse, please replace any moved furniture, and remove trash from the building. Trash must be bagged before being put in trash bins.

  • All balloons, strings, streamers, etc. must be removed at the conclusion of the event, including those caught in ceiling fans.

  • Round tables are to remain inside at all times. Round tables may not be signed out for personal use. All other furniture is to remain inside except folding chairs and tables, which are permitted in pool area.

  • All events held in the clubhouse or pool must be over by 10:00 p.m. unless approval by the Board.

  • No loud music will be permitted, to insure good community relations.

  • Alcoholic beverages may be used in accordance with local and state laws. Alcoholic beverages may not be offered for sale at any event.

  • Keys or pass cards to all facilities are the property of Club Duck Key and must not be duplicated or given to non-members.

  • Absolutely no club equipment may be borrowed without signing out equipment on the bulletin board and checking with the House and Social Committees for conflicts.

  • No pets will be allowed on the club grounds, except for guide/service animals.

  • All committees must come before the Board for approval of functions and money to be spent for the functions.

  • Turn off all propane, both at the grill and at the main tank.

  • Turn off all lights and fans and lock all gates and doors at the close of an event.

  • Do not use staples or nails when decorating.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse.

  • No fixtures, staging or curtains may be secured by nailing or screwing. Only portable types are acceptable.

  • No building fixtures may be removed, altered or added.

  • In no case shall this Rental Agreement be assigned without written consent of the Board.

  • If any damage to property and/or contents of the Club facilities is determined, reparations will be assessed and deducted from Damage deposit. If assessed damage exceeds deposit, Renter will be billed for the balance. Confetti, rice, birdseed, and the like are not to be used on the premises.

  • Club Duck Key assumes no liability for Renter's or guests' loss incurred by fire, theft or injury.

  • Misconduct or drunkenness will not be permitted. Such actions will be subject to disciplinary or police action.

  • Setup and decorating may be done the day of scheduled event. If additional time is needed, arrangements must be made with the Social Chair.

  • Premises shall be returned to original condition.

  • Club facilities must be used for their proper purposes; tennis courts are only for tennis and not for use as a children's playground.

Clubhouse Storage Policy: At no time, shall any group use the clubhouse for regular storage of material. The only storage permitted in the clubhouse will be for Club-owned equipment and material, unless approved by the Board.

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