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Italian Dinner for the Members and Guests, Cluck Duck Key


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Jon poured the drink of the night, Bellini cocktails. Now, that's a way to start off a good party!

Becky arranged the center pieces for this evening's Italian Dinner by using handmade decorative candle-wine bottles which Merlynn made 10 years ago. They were very colorful and perfect for the theme of the party.

Susie and Jon orchestrated a delicious and delightful evening - and we didn't even have to leave our beloved Duck Key! Susie and Jon gave out many gifts to the chefs and the raffle drawings. Several happy people received great baskets of "happys".

The appetizers were made by 5 members - JoAnn, Sheila, Becky, Jim, Dan. A secret judge gave Becky first prize for her braciole. Becky's inspiration came from the television show...Everyone Loves Raymond. Becky said that Raymond's mother made this dish on the show all the time. Becky wanted to know how it tasted, so she made it for Joe one evening. It was delicious but took her all day. She dusted off the recipe and entered it into the appetizer contest. JoAnn's, Sheila's, Jim's, and Dan's were all wonderful - it would have been hard to come up with one winner - as all dishes were fantastic.

Brenda and Doyle made the vegetarian lasagna and the chicken parmesan that was in the buffet line. To finish the evening, a homemade dessert by Derek and Mary - wonderfully delicious.

Dan Sullivan did a great job with the music which we all enjoyed....Thanks Dan!

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!