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Club Duck Key Celebrates Thanksgiving 2011


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Club Duck Key members enjoyed another Thanksgiving Dinner - WOW, the food was so delicious. The Thanksgiving Committee, Orrs and Bobacks, organized this event that started at 5:30.

Several signature dishes were brought to the buffet. Anna's famous cranberry sauce; Pat's "melt in your mouth" sauerkraut was to die for; Sheila's always fantastic dressing and turnips; Merlynn and Jim's mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes - all her kids must have that dish when visiting; Jo Ann's fresh green beans; and Chris made several wonderful pies.

The turkeys were roasted by Adam and Bobbye, Ray and Alice, Judy and Dick, Toni, Pat and Jim. The roasted birds arrived at the Club at 4:45, all of the turkeys were juicy, tender, and delicious.

Delicious is the keyword in this report!

The Florida Keys gave us a beautiful night. The temperature was in the high 70's. The buffet tables were decorated with the Thanksgiving theme - so nice.

Thank you's go to all the people involved in a 2011 Thanksgiving Dinner for the club members of Club Duck Key.

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!