Anna's Birthday 2010

We all love Anna, Happy Birthday!

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Our kind neighbor, good friend, and always generous with her love - Anna, celebrated her 84th birthday hosted by The Poker Club, Club Duck Key's Monday Night Card Game Players. Anna was beautiful as always and delighted to be with her friends for this celebration.

A bounty of appetizers came to the table from the Members and the drink of the night, of course - champaign.

Members were relaxed, talked and mingled around the poker themed Tiki. The evening's weather was lovely. Bill asked Becky "what, not working this party?", so in the slideshow you'll find a relaxed Becky. This webmaster was able to get a picture of Jon with his eyes open, only because he had his sunglasses on. Susie's back was a little sore from entertaining her grandchildren but a small price to pay in exchange for the fun and great time they had.

The wind has kept some fishermen at the dock but a few boats fished this past week - Phyllis reported that dolphin seem to be the fish of the day. Bob's report, the blue water is crystal clear for his scuba divers.

Don dusted off his guitar and led the group with a song about playing poker, as everyone knows, Anna is able to count all the money after the dealing is done. Willie called to say, "Happy Birthday Anna" - our prayers and love go out to him and Lois.

As we were heading out the door at eight, after finishing the last of the birthday cake and coffee - Tom and Robin showed with their plate of tasties - we gave them a little teasing about "being fashionably late." They turned right around and hopefully enjoyed an after the event at home. We did miss their good company and wished they had been at the party.

Thank you's go to The Poker group for an enjoyable evening under the Tiki Hut in the beautiful Florida Keys.

If you are a property owner or you are renting a home on the islands of Duck Key, Florida, please join our great Club. Come stay and play on Duck Key.