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Christmas Open House on Duck Key for Club Duck Key Members - 2012


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Christmas, Christmas, and more Merry Christmas for the members of Club Duck Key. Three wonderful homes opened their doors to enjoy a Christmas buffet and Christmas cheer. Thank you to Bobacks, Shebels, and the Townsends.

It started with the Bobacks and Shebels for hearty appetizers and then, the finale of fantastic desserts with the Townsends. All homes were beautifully decorated with each families favorite old and new Christmas items. The Boback's enjoyed a farm house style with tree; the Shebel's had an assortment of new and old favorites; and the Townsend's...well, you know our Miss Becky - all was so enchanting for the eyes to see. Maybe, just maybe we could have had a glimpse of an elf, or Ole Saint Nick if we just imagined...

Wonderful and bountiful food at all three homes, plus good spirits of cheer.

Thank you so much to our host and hostesses for an enchanting evening.

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!