Greek Party 2010

Toga Party!

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Almost everyone got into this party's theme by adorning themselves in toga apparel. Anna was beautiful in her red hot toga with chains of gold around her neck. Dick looked good in his long white sheet, he was nicely wrapped - with the hole in the back instead of the front. Joe had a hard time keeping his on, a fashion malfunction (remember the Super Bowl?) but all parts where covered! Beach said he got in the bed and rolled around, then Gracie tied him up! And, Toni's kindergarten class hand painted her sheet - it looked great with the final touch - a delicate tasteful small cluster of grapes on her shoulder. I would have to say, everyone did a good job and looked fantastic.

As promised, the food was delicious. The start was skewered shrimp, then came souzoukaklia, pork, and chicken kabobs, with sides of orzo baked with artichokes and peas, greek salad. The dessert was baklava. Hope no one got a headache from the free taste of Ouzo. Ouch!

Thank you's go to many members for preparing the food and the grill masters. The Club's decorations were nicely done - flowing sheer curtains, Greek columns with twinkling lights, candles aglow, and the table center pieces were lovely with fresh green foliage. Thank you to The Gottschalk's and their helping committee. And, we always enjoy the music of the group, More Than Four.

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