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Mexican Dinner Night at Club Duck Key - 2013


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We had the best time....laughing and well, just plain old fashion fun. Our Miss Becky had 3 games for the members. The first was who could finish a cup of chips and that soft yellow cheese first. The men were great sports and the women behind them were told to empty the cup one scoop (finger full) at a time into their mouths. The second game was to blow up 4 balloons, place the balloons in a panty hose and then, of course, the men had to force the panty hose on top of their heads....hilarious. The final game was to draw a pretty complicated drawing - a floor with a stick person, sombrero hat, cactus, and almost the kitchen sink as well - all this on the back of a paper plate balanced on all member's heads. All that can be said...entertaining.

Great buffet dinner of chicken, pork, beef, refried beans, rice and the delicious toppings. Cold Margaritas were the beverage of the night, plus a great sangria.

Thank you's go to Becky and Joe, Robin and Tom, Mary S. and some helping hands from Amy and Sue. The tables were very festive and colorful.

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!