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Club Duck Key Member's Mexican Dinner with Hat Dances and Fun!


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Becky Townsend and Tom Neville put together a really fun party for the members and guests of Club Duck Key. The theme was a Mexican Dinner and of course, the drink of the night - margaritas!

The food was all delicious and we have The Golden Margarita to thank - they are located in Big Pine Key. Really, everything was so good - the guacamole had huge pieces of fresh avocados, the salsa was made from fresh tomates with just the right amount of heat. The pulled chicken and pork was lean and added with the refried beans made a great burrito.

Becky made sure we moved around with fun games - a cake walk, the pass the hat under your chin contest, a Mexican hat dance, and hit the pinata. She had 2 pinatas - one for the gentlemen and the other for the ladies. You really had to give those pinatas a hard hit to open the treats inside. Many good cakes were handmade by the Club Members for the lucky winners in the cake walk...mmmmm.

The Club House was festive with bright colors, all with a Mexican flare. Fred was in charge of the music for all the contests. Great job, Freddie.

Club Members be sure to say hello to our newest members - Mike and Joan!

Thank-yous to Brenda and Doyle and Brenda's visiting sister from Alabama, June. And, thank-yous to Tom, Robin, Becky, and Joe - Great party!

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!