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Club Duck Key Members Share Favorite Soup Recipes


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The Cunningham's Soup Night was fantastic. Club Duck Key members made and brought five homemade entrees to the buffet line.

First, Colin's gumbo, New Orleans style. In the year 1992, Colin was in the city of New Orleans. In his search to be entertained by this city, he found for one day, only one day - a cooking class on how to prepare the famous New Orleans gumbo. He was overjoyed and attended this class. This gumbo is spicy hot (of course) with okra, chicken, andouille sausage. Colin has been preparing his gumbo ever since and was happy to share with his friends at Club Duck Key - Colin, it was delicious!

Next, Bobbye and Adam prepared a Spanish Basque recipe using flank steak as the main ingredient. The Basque people would be using the part of the animal that could not be sold, the tough meat. But, as most good cooks know, the tough meat has the most flavor, if prepared correctly. The Spanish Basque like to drink a mixed beverage of cola and wine. Using cola and red wine, Adam and Bobbye braised the meat - seared first then slowly cooked in the cola and wine for one and half hours. The end result was a soft, moist, slightly sweet "pulled" tender piece of meat. Awesome!

Next in line, Lois and Bill's Pennsylvania Dutch soup - chicken and corn. Lois's grandmother started this recipe and the recipe was passed down to the next generations. This is the quintessential of chicken soups. It will cure the common cold; "let mommy make you feel better" soup; "I've had the worst day, please make me that soup, honey - so I can get back on that horse" soup! Plus, it is delicious!

Dennis and Nancy also brought one of their favorite recipes to share - a black and cannellini bean with kale, carrots, celery, onion, rosemary and salt/pepper with a splash of white wine vinegar and a drizzle of good olive oil on the top. Dennis states this soup has horse power to get you goin' in any situation. It is an easy comfort soup to make and takes about half hour.

Bill and Peggy, plus a friend from the mainland - Paul, prepared butterfly shrimp and yellowfin tuna both with delicious dipping sauces. And in addition, Bill prepared a Saveur's Italian Wedding Soup - have we said the word delicious too many times?

Desserts were extra special - cupcakes by Susan - the carrot was fantastic and a creamy laced vanilla cake.

Thank-yous go to all the people that help in this wonderful evening (beautiful weather courtesy of the Florida Keys) - lots of hard work at the homes and the Club, to bring this event to a great-night-out at Club Duck Key.

If you are a renter on Duck Key or property owner on Duck Key, please consider joining this fun club, Club Duck Key welcomes you!