Club Duck Key welcomes back families.

Thank you to The Fortiers for another wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!

And thank you to the members that decorated for the dinner.

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Club Duck Key's 2009 Thanksgiving Day was absolutely amazing. The Fortiers, their 6th year, did a beautiful job of preparing all the delicious traditional Thanksgiving recipes. On Thanksgiving Day, turkeys are delivered by Jerry to Duck Key property owner's homes for roasting in the oven. Then, the people in charge of their turkey, deliver the fully cooked turkey back to Club Duck Key's Clubhouse. Adorned in his famous apron, Jerry begins carving all those turkeys and making the gravy.

Sheila takes days to prepare all the wonderful side dishes and freezes them. On Thanksgiving Day, all her hard work is defrosted, heated, and beautifully presented to the members of Club Duck Key. Thank you to The Fortiers from all the people who got to eat a wonderful meal!