Tiki Tuesday 2010

March's Tiki Tuesday 2010

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March's Tiki Tuesday was close enough to St. Patrick's Day to make it a good excuse to dress in green for the Luck of Irish. The drink of the evening was green and there were lots of green hats and necklaces. The appetizers were abundant and delicious. A huge beautiful platter of red strawberries dipped in chocolate were to die for. Lots of good dips for tasting with pita bread or chips, we always love the pig-in-the-blankets, delicate sandwiches, cheese platters, fruits and veggies.

The evening started out warm but the temperature dropped due to a cold front that arrived the next day. Bob was on a scuba wreck dive at the Thunderbolt on Tuesday and said the temperature of the water below 30 feet was 55 degrees, the wreck is 100 feet down - visibility was 100 feet and the wreck was covered with many, many large fish. He finally warmed up at the Club's event, maybe he had some of the Irish coffee that was served at the end of the evening. It was nice to see Jim and Merlynn's family, they are entertaining 8 children this week under the age of 12. Becky has some extra family in this week, also. Kay has been changing the bed linens for a new group coming in at the end of the week - hope they can get out for a day sail on the new sailboat instead of last week's party on the boat at the dock, too windy to enjoy the ocean. Even with this record 2010 cold winter in the Florida Keys, it is always more fun down here!

Thank you's go to the Morrell's and Nicol's plus their helpers (I noticed Gloria at the cash box) for a great get-together.

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