Webmaster's note - this video is 11 minutes long. The skit is actually 15 minutes in length. Due to the restrictions of file sizes of 3rd party video compression companies, I had to do some tight edits to reduce this video's file size. There is one copy of the 15 minute DVD at Club Duck Key. It has the cast walking into the video and up to the microphone and it has all of Judy Adler's great speech. If you would like a copy from me, the cost is $10.00 to burn the DVD, or watch the one at the Clubhouse!

ClubDuckKey.com from susan ward on Vimeo.

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To watch the above video in a larger size, click on the underlined susan ward and that will take you to Vimeo's website.

This skit was viewed by the Adlers when they went on a cruise ship. They enjoyed it so much they purchased the tape to enjoy again, and again. It is an old English skit. It was very funny this night at Club Duck Key and all got a hearty laugh.